Garage Door Tune Up and Safety Inspection

Garage Door Tune up and Maintenance

Don’t be inconvenienced by expensive emergency garage door repairs due to lack of maintenance! Have your garage door serviced regularly every six months to one year by one of our friendly, professionally trained technicians.

Most common indicators your garage door needs to be serviced:

  • Your garage door is squeaking.
  • Your garage door does not open all of the way.
  • Your garage door does not close all of the way.
  • Most common Reasons for garage doors not working:
  • Lack of Lubrication, this will cause your door to have mechanism binding or miss-adjustments. 
  • Worn out roll-up door rollers will cause your garage door to experience binding to the garage door track. 
  • Broken or weak garage door springs, will cause your garage door to become heavy, and stop opening. 
  • Problematic motor, your garage door opener motor may be making strange noise, straining, or smells funny. 
  • Weak or dead batteries, Garage door opener remotes work on batteries, every so often they need to be replaced.


• Door Balance
• Garage Door Sections
• Struts
• Rollers
• Hinges
• Vertical Track
• Horizontal Track
• Center Bearing and Plates
• End Bearings and Plates
• Torsion Tube
• Torsion Springs
• Cables
• Top Fixtures
• Bottom Fixtures
• Drums
• Center Stiles
• End Stiles
• Jamb Brackets
• Tighten Loose Screws
• Secure/Adjust Tracks

• Chain/Belt Tension (When Applicable)
• Gear & Sprocket
• Sensitivity/Force Settings
• Travel Limits
• Opener Brackets
• Safety Release Cord
• Safety Beam
• Grease Screw Drive Rails
• Inspect Screw Drive Couplers

LUBE All Moving Parts, Including:
• Springs
• Rollers
• Hinges
• Bearings
• Track
• Opener Rail
• Opener Sprocket

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